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Peter Luongo

Peter Luongo is one of the most experienced and highly regarded ukulele teachers/ directors in the world. He has dedicated over 40 years to enhancing the lives of generations of music students young and old.


Peter began teaching the ukulele in Langley, British Columbia, Canada in 1981 and spent 35 years as a public-school administrator and classroom music teacher in that community. He has taught thousands of children, served as a sessional lecturer at the University of B.C., and led the internationally renowned Langley Ukulele Ensemble. Under his direction that ensemble performed around the world and had their accomplishments were featured as a focal point of the 2010 award-winning documentary film, The Mighty Uke.


Since retiring as a school Principal, Peter has continued to share his expertise as a regular presented at workshops throughout the U.S. and Europe. He continues to teach and direct adult and children’s groups. In 2016 he formed the Legacy Ukulele Ensemble, an ensemble of adult learners that has become a touring ensemble that performs regularly at ukulele festivals and events across the United States and Hawaii.


Peter also serves as a consultant for The NAMM Show and has organized and led their ukulele initiatives and presented at The NAMM Show since 2018. His workshops, retreats, and seminars are always stimulating, invigorating, inspiring, and a lot of fun!

Articles about Peter Luongo

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