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The Legacy Ukulele Ensemble

Sounds like Fun!

March 2024 @ Saturday Light Brigade Radio, Pittsburgh

LISTEN to our recorded interview!
00:00 / 47:25

Performance recordings

Mighty Uke Day, East Lansing, MI
June 2023
Sheraton Waikiki, Hawaii July 2022

In The Mood, William Tell Overture, City of New Orleans (3:20)

Washington Post March, Kawika, Tico Tico (2:26)

Legacy Ukulele Ensemble: The Story

The Legacy Ukulele Ensemble was founded in 2016 and is a group of adult players from across the United States and Canada who are directed and led by

internationally acclaimed ukulele teacher, Peter Luongo.

Ensemble members are committed to developing their music literacy and musicianship while learning to play the ukulele and developing their choral singing ability.

They hope to inspire other adults to embrace life-long learning as they continue to evolve as musicians and performers.

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